What Just Happened?

“You don’t look sick.”

The woman who uttered those words to me had cancer that had spread. Now we’d met in a residential clinic both trying to get our lives back.

There was one other person at the dining table and there may have been more people in the room. I watched as her words seemed to hang in the air inviting me into a battle of wills.

What was I to do? Smash the ball back? Go for the clever winning shot? Sprint to the net to make a volley?

The space widened around her words. The third diner looked at me expectantly. “Go on, we’re waiting,” the room seemed to say. Finally I spoke.

“Thank you,” I replied.

I thought I detected relief and a whiff of confusion in the air. Whatever it was, the world continued on. Now that it was over, it all seemed like an illusion.

3 thoughts on “What Just Happened?

  1. So you were having dinner in the clinic? Or you met in the clinic then went out for dinner? Or the clinic has being held in a restaurant? :-)

    Wherever, however, love the response … most unexpected and so appropriate.

    Illusion … remember Richard Bach?

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