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Dr. Teitelbaum, who was first to conduct clinical research on effective treatment of CFS/FMS, has added this blog to his list of Helpful Links. If you have landed here from his website, I think you’ll find that nicely supplements what you’ve already learned from Dr. Teitelbaum. The information here is easily digestible and it can help with your successful execution of the SHINE protocol. For example, I will expand on dietary details for the Nutrition aspect that I have found effective.

I must also add that I’ve been lucky enough to be joined here by some wonderful, caring, supportive readers. Please, take a look around and subscribe, check out the Realitynibs page on Facebook or leave a comment. Find your favorite way to add to the conversation and let us know you were here!

One thought on “Realitynibs Is on!

  1. I hope I know what I’m talking about when I say that Dr. Teitelbaum was the first to conduct clinical research on effective CFS treatment! I can’t find where I read that but I’m convinced that it’s correct.

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