How I Found Out I’ve Got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Or, Diagnosis Part III

“What did you do today?”

It was January 2007 and I was back in my surgeon’s office, having decided to investigate my condition myself. The plan was to find out whether there was a recurrence of what had led me to surgery in the first place. We’d already ruled out anemia and we now knew that my ultrasound results were great. So why was I still recovering after 16 months?

There was a new face in the mix. Dr. Nutis was doing a fellowship with Dr. Nezhat and had been observing our interaction. Now he’d asked the question that turned out to be pivotal.

“I’ve been preparing for this appointment since about 9am,” was my reply. It was 3 in the afternoon. Also, it had taken a few months for me to return for that day’s ultrasound test since showing up was an unpredictable process. My doctor’s appointments usually got cancelled a few times before I finally made it because on many days I didn’t have the wherewithal to drive anywhere.

“That sounds serious,” he said. “Tell me what a typical day is like for you.”

“Well, I’m capable of going to the grocery store but I have to make sure I don’t stay too long. Otherwise, I run out of energy and can’t carry my groceries from the car into my home. When this happens it usually takes me till the next day to get back to the car and I just have to hope nothing has spoiled. I have figured out that if I go to the mailbox once a week I can take care of things before they’re late and I have someone who comes to help me with that. I handle basics like making meals each day but that takes all my strength so forget adding a social life or work to that.”

“That sounds really serious!”

“I know, that’s what I have been trying to tell everyone!”

“This is not my area of expertise but I think you’ve got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Looking at you I would never have guessed you’re having such difficulty but I think that’s typical with this condition. You need to find an internist who understands Chronic Fatigue.”

Dr. Nutis further explained that he didn’t agree with my then internist, Addison, who had insisted that my condition couldn’t be CFS. “That’s why it’s called syndrome,” he said. “We don’t fully understand it.” He printed out a diagnostic table which confirmed his unofficial assessment. I found out that the debilitating fatigue I feel after pushing myself is called post-exertional malaise, a key symptom of CFS/FMS.

I had just begun following a protocol prescribed for me by Dr. Young, an alternative practitioner in San Diego, California. Over the next three or four months, my health and energy improved dramatically and then plateaued. Based on what I’ve read, there are many CFS cases that would attain full recovery on that protocol alone. This was not to be my situation.

That day however, I left my surgeon’s office really excited. I wasn’t crazy after all! I assumed that diagnosis was the hard part and that finding a physician who understood Chronic Fatigue Syndrome would be straightforward. I didn’t know that my body was too far gone to fully recover purely from the wonderfully effective dietary changes I’d made. I couldn’t know then that my entire hormonal system, my immune system and my cellular energy production would need specific treatment and support. In retrospect, the truly good news was that the pH Miracle protocol was healing my digestive system, giving me a brilliantly reparative nutritional framework and paving the way for future therapy to take hold.

“I don’t understand Dr. Young’s approach,” Dr. Nutis had said, “but if it’s working, keep doing it!”

Next week, further diagnostic understanding and looking for a physician … for two years. Dr. Nutis, if by any wild chance you are reading this, I can’t thank you enough.

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  7. Morsomt med disse kortene, Marie. Ble vdeilg fint med puppetdoll-Marie i flott sykesf8steruniform.Ne5 har jeg i alle fall fe5tt kortstokken ned til scrappepulten, se5 kanskje det er et he5p for meg ogse5. Du fe5r i alle fall denne utfordringen til e5 se morsom ut!

  8. utrolig artige kort. jeg sullke prf8ve e5 finne meg min egen favoritt blandt dem , men det klarte jeg ikke. Veldig gf8y med kort som forteller en egen liten historie.

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