Listening Post 2011

Realitynibs is taking some time for hibernation. I need to settle into my new place, put the finishing touches on the Sponsorship Program and plan my 2011 healing. I don’t know whether I’ll be completely recovered by the end of the year but I will be better than I am now.

All these things take money, so I will be working on ensuring that too! In the meantime I’d love to hear from you. What have you liked best about What about least? Do make good use of the comment box below!

There will be a few Journal entries here and there to share my hibernation progress. When I return to regularly scheduled writing, I am going to pick up from where I left off. The Forgiveness series was recently concluded and I will soon focus on interesting stories from my experience with Treatment Protocols and Practical Strategies (see Solutions).

Thank you, readers, for a wonderful 2010.

Happy New Year.

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