What is Grace?

The winds of grace are blowing perpetually; we have just to raise our sails. –Ramakrishna

I heard somewhere that if you do the work of getting 51% of the way to your goal, grace will carry you the rest of the way. Aren’t I there yet? Grace, where are you? By the way, what is grace?

After my life narrowed to trying to get out of bed, I went through a few medical doctors, then a few naturopathic doctors. Then I went for something radical and tried Dr. Young’s pH miracle protocol. I improved and thought that was the final answer. Sadly, no. Not exactly. 

Then it was chelation therapy. “This may sound silly but I feel like I can think again,” I told Dr. Seddig.

“I hear that all the time from my patients,” she replied. Also, chelation therapy seemed to have the effect of bringing down the swelling in my face. Following Dr. Young’s alkaline protocol had already succeeded in bringing down the swelling in my body.

Next was Classical Acupuncture. “How are you alive?” the Chinese Medicine doctor had asked when I was first evaluated. We worked hard at getting my qi to come up from practically zero. A well respected, retired doctor was brought in to help with my case. He suggested treating me every day for many weeks. Dr. Nichols very kindly charged me for a week of treatment as though it were just one session. Eventually, my chi levels began to hold from one treatment to the next.

I’ve had my mercury fillings removed, chakras rebalanced, sound therapy, psychotherapy. Each thing I tried helped but it wasn’t until I came across Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum’s CFS research that I made another major leap forward. Most of my recovery so far has come from combining Dr. Young’s pH miracle protocol and Dr. Teitelbaum’s SHINE protocol.

Somewhere along the way, my quest for health and recovery began to take on a more spiritual nature. Coincidences and mysterious events were coming thicker and faster. As I focussed on taking one step at a time without worrying about where those steps might eventually lead, I found myself in some surprising places such as Grace Cathedral, past life regression and starting this blog.

According to Joan Borysenko, co-founder of the Mind/Body Clinic at Harvard Medical School, grace is “a living act and expression of the natural laws by which love extends itself. The impetus to make the hero’s journey, to search for the self … is an act of grace.”

The impetus to make the hero’s journey? In the second introductory post of Realitynibs, I wrote about discovering Alexander Shaia’s work. He’d found that most spiritual, religious and cultural traditions referred to the same four steps of personal transformation, similar to the phases of the hero’s journey in Joseph Campbell’s work. When Dr. Shaia described the second step as “trying this and trying that” in response to a dramatic change in one’s circumstances, I recognized the universal, spiritual theme of my journey to health.

So, I’ve been on a hero’s journey. Which would suggest that the impetus to make the hero’s journey has been at work in my life. Therefore, grace has been operating in my healing all along?

I am giving up my solo medical detective gig. Or maybe I’ve reached 51%. Already, kind Realitynibs reader Leigh has sent me information about a clinic in London. They might be a perfect candidate to help me get the rest of the way.

I’ll tell you about the London clinic sometime after our scheduled video chat. In the meantime, I’ll share stories from the healing I’ve already accomplished and the many bits of grace I’ve caught along the way.

The other day, my friend Glenn suggested that I’ve taken my first step in a journey of a thousand, and that I am now on step five hundred and something.

Maybe it’s step 510.

5 thoughts on “What is Grace?

  1. Hi Bola!

    Thanks so much for generously mentioning me in your blog, and I really hope that you get something out of working with the OHC….. also, if you are interested, I’d love to have a US “buddy” to check in with and share and compare progress. I want to let you know that you can email me privately any time you want to run something by me, and I hope that you find the OHC as wonderful as I have.

    I’ve done alot of the things you have also, and experienced the same bits and pieces of progress, without being fully recovered. The OHC will give you a model for understanding that as well, which I found very reassuring and helpful.

    Wishing you well!

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