One Liter, Three Scoops, Ten Drops

The secret to a diet that allows me the most energy seems to be eating mostly vegetables, especially the green ones. Add a number of energy supplements, the most important of which is d-ribose, and presto: I am nutritionally supported for CFS/FMS recovery!

It’s such a simple idea but the execution of my diet gets complicated when you consider the fact that I’m talking seventy percent vegetables on my plate. Those are vegetables that need to be bought, washed, stored and prepared. This requires coordinating and surviving MISSION GROCERY STORE; standing long enough in the kitchen to wash, chop, blend, steam or cook them in broth; cleaning up after eating. 

I pulled this off with great determination for a couple of years. The kitchen was always a disaster zone because I typically petered out before the clean up step. Two things came to my rescue: Tupperware and Edgy Veggie!

Tupperware has these amazing fruit and vegetable storage containers that keep the contents crisp and fresh thereby minimizing trips to the store. Each container has vents on the side that I keep open or closed depending on the vegetable stored within. For example broccoli requires both vents open, while winter greens require one vent open and the other closed. I should contact Tupperware about sponsoring!

Edgy Veggie a.k.a. Dana Friedrich has been a life saver. There’s an amazing story, to be told in a future post, about getting the kind of help with my food that I didn’t think was possible. Suffice it to say, for now, that Dana has kept me fed which allowed me to start this blog.

There was always the option of eating something a lot easier to prepare like a bowl of grain, pasta or even take-out. But it turned out Dr. Young was on to something when he asked me to consume nothing but veggies, good fats such as avocado and flax seed oil, good salt and alkaline water for a few months. I began to improve and found that whenever I cheated and ate something concentrated like beans, brown rice or plantain chips (yum yum), I would immediately hit the wall and have to remain on the sofa for the rest of the day.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on Dr. Young. I had willed myself down to San Diego where he took one look at me and said, “Go to bed. We’ll get started in the morning.”

“No!” was my reply. “Do you know what I went through to get here? I want to start right now!”

His assistant made me my first bottle of “greens”: one liter of alkaline water, three scoops green powder and ten drops alkalizing agent, which I drank while sitting through the final hour of a class he was giving. Countless greens, supplements, lymphatic drainages and infra-red sessions later, I was a lot better. I was able to cut out various parts of the original protocol, and add carbs and protein back into my diet, without deteriorating.

About fifteen months after meeting Dr. Young, I had made the dramatic improvement from struggling to get out of bed by 5pm to getting up regularly in the mornings. I was no longer being woken up by thirst despite drinking gallons of purified water during the day. At this point I discovered Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.’s research and his SHINE protocol for treating Chronic Fatigue. The ‘N’ stands for nutrition and combining Dr. Teitelbaum’s dietary guidelines with what I’d learned from Dr. Young, resulted in sixty to seventy percent vegetables on my plate, with the remaining portion being mostly (vegetable) protein together with some carbohydrate.

I still drink the greens concoction every morning although I only need to do that once a day, as opposed to three times (still drink lots of alkaline water). But I have to have that one bottle to maintain my current level of recovery.

There are many things like that. At one point for example, I had to stay away completely from fruit. But now I can have some blueberries, strawberries and raspberries without getting into trouble. I can even handle bits of orange mixed in with a salad.

I’m increasingly getting the feeling that I could be completely recovered in a year. That would be so cool! I’ve just got to figure out how to give myself that one last twelve-month window where I can do the necessary healing work.

Thank you for reading. I’m off to make this morning’s bottle of greens.

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