Reason Departed

His hand was literally on the handle of my front door. “Wait,” I said, feeling really silly. “I have one more question.”

“Morgan” came back into my apartment and I asked him a question I thought I’d never pose, even to myself.

It had all begun when I noticed a book sitting on a shelf in my Classical Acupuncturist‘s office and asked to borrow it. Soon I had finished reading Many Lives Many Masters and was rather obsessively borrowing Brian Weiss‘ other books from my local library.

“Uh oh,” I thought to myself. “I’ve seen this before. What’s about to happen this time?”

In 1994, I obsessively began reading books about near death experiences. “I can’t take this anymore,” my friend Aaron said, after I commented for the umpteenth time that I felt like something big was about to happen. “I think you should talk to somebody.” 

The day after I went to see a psychotherapist Aaron told me about, I found out that my mother and grandmother had died in a car accident. A month later, my half-brother died in Sweden. As difficult as those events were, it would have been even worse if I had not read those books because they gave me a way of thinking about death. It was almost as if I had been prepared for what was coming and even protected from being completely broken by it.

So there I was in the summer of 2008, making full use of my ability to read which had just returned. Brian Weiss is a psychiatrist who tried to use hypnotherapy to help a patient remember childhood events. Instead he discovered that she’d regressed into a past life. It took him five years to publish his story because he feared the reaction from others in his profession. I am understanding that fear even more as I write this.

Dr. Weiss concluded that the psychoanalytic model of shining a light on childhood events in order to heal from them as adults could be extended to past lives. In other words, shine a light on a past life event in order to heal from its manifestations in this life.

That summer I read all of Brian Weiss’ books. I also read all of Michael Newton‘s books. Rather like Dr. Weiss, Newton accidentally discovered past lives when attempting to treat a patient with hypnotherapy. Dr. Weiss’ patients typically described events from previous lives, while Newton’s clients tended to report experiences between past lives.

“I could never do past life therapy,” I thought to myself as I read. Then I stumbled across a Stanford University researcher who showed that the disease genetics of a human cell do not get expressed when the cell is placed in a healthy environment. He found that the environment of a cell in a human body, rather than in a petri dish, is influenced by body and mind. Bruce Lipton concluded that if you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to resolve a health problem, you should consider the programming that you absorbed from conception to six years of age. We all absorb our environments organically especially as children and apparently, before the age of six, we’re in a delta state where whatever we absorb becomes our programming. Sometimes problems are difficult to resolve as adults because we’re unwittingly working against this programming. Dr. Lipton recommended Psych-K for reprogramming the subconscious. So, I found Morgan, who teaches Psych-K workshops, and he came to my home.

Part of Morgan’s approach involved using muscle testing. At one point, he asked if I had any questions to pose. I wanted to know if Classical Acupuncture was going to be enough for me to completely recover. The answer, to my surprise, was no.

“What about the work I’m doing with Dr. Goode?” Dr. Goode worked in a department of a hospital called California Pacific Medical Center, that specialized in complex cases.


I was stunned! I understood, as Morgan confirmed, that this didn’t mean I needed to stop what I was doing but … what on earth did I need to do to recover?! I watched as he finished up and headed for my front door.

That was when I decided to ask the forbidden question. The one thing I hadn’t felt open to trying. “Would past life regression therapy help me recover?”


“What?! Do it again.”


“I don’t believe it. Please try it one more time!”

“I think the answer is yes, Bola.”

There it was. According to Morgan and his muscle testing communication with my system, past life regression was what I needed. It would be many months before I had a regression therapy session. I didn’t know it yet, but the stunning developments were only just beginning.

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