“I will call you from time to time,” Zeeq said.

“How will you do that?” Maureen asked.

Stop. Freeze frame. Before I recount any more of this story, I must emphasize that I can scarcely believe it myself. As I prepared to write today, I considered going back to the recordings of my sessions with Maureen. But that’s not necessary. I remember the parts that I am relaying here. And anyway, I am saving my energy for writing. Play on… 

I was having a “conversation” with one of the guides that I had met during an earlier regression therapy session with Maureen. In answer to Maureen’s questions, I had given his name and a detailed description of his appearance – even his clothing and jewelry. I paused when asked who he was. I could feel and see the answer but didn’t have the words. Eventually I answered that he appeared to be a guide of guides. Maureen later told me that in Christian terms, that would correspond to an archangel.

When Maureen asked how he would contact me, I was again confused about the answer being communicated. I understood it, but how do you say that in words? Suddenly it came to me. Serendipity. I was immediately flooded with knowing. So many friends have commented over the years that I seemed to have an unusual knack for coincidences. One had even taken to referring to me as “Queen of Serendipity”. I myself was sometimes freaked out by it. Maybe it had all meant something after all. I now like it because I feel like it means that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, good and bad.

This was how sessions worked. I would be hypnotized, and then Maureen would ask me questions about what was happening. At first I would arrive at sessions with specific healing issues I wanted to address. But after a while, I would just show up open for whatever was going to happen. And things got really interesting.

In the beginning, I was worried that regression therapy wouldn’t “work” or that I couldn’t be hypnotized. Then I wondered how I could know this was my experience. What if I was merely being influenced by all the accounts I’d read? But I had more than one experience that I’d never read about. For example, I had the impression that past lives were always experienced in a discrete way. But in my case, I sometimes found myself “surfing” fast between moments in completely different lives.

I imagine that if babies were able to describe the process of being born, their accounts would all be similar, and yet all unique.

Later that year, I was glued to the television for Grand Slam tennis tournaments at the French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. While this was a normal occurrence for me, something new was happening. Every now and then, I would suddenly get a feeling and then correctly predict the final scores of a match. It was surreal! I found I couldn’t do it by trying. It came to me when I was completely lost in the match. I tried to measure it – did it only happen with recorded matches? No, it happened with live broadcasts too. I remember one match in particular. These predictions had been going on for a while and I was becoming used to it. I predicted that Roger Federer would win in five sets. He won in three. I was really surprised until one of the commentators said the match had felt just like the Wimbledon final – where Federer had won in five sets.

Maureen said something about how it seemed I was being “trained.” She laughed when I told her about the match I got wrong. “He’s toying with you,” she said referring to Zeeq.

My match predictions were often surprising to me. I once said for example, “No! That’s not possible! Nobody gets double-bageled at this level.” And then the player lost the next two sets 6-0, 6-0, just as I’d predicted. When I would resist the feeling that had come to me, it was like being in the middle of a groove and trying to go up the sides rather than traveling smoothly down the middle. I have been using this more and more in my life. When I’m making decisions I sometimes remember to “feel” it out. Am I going with the groove? I’m no psychic but this has been a handy tool.

It was in July or August that year that the dream happened. The dream that led to some major healing. Please, stay tuned.

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  2. After the final I felt totally siatsfied of the whole tournament. I think it was the best tournament for a really long time. I am not a huge Federer fan, but he was literally unbeatable in the final. Yes, I think Benneteau should’ve beat him in the 4th, but how he responded is how only just Federer can. He deserved it and by the numbers, he is the most successful and the best tennis player of all time. I still doubt that on his prime, he would’ve beat Sampras on any other surface than clay. Hats off to Fed. He is the GOAT

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