“I will call you from time to time,” Zeeq said.

“How will you do that?” Maureen asked.

Stop. Freeze frame. Before I recount any more of this story, I must emphasize that I can scarcely believe it myself. As I prepared to write today, I considered going back to the recordings of my sessions with Maureen. But that’s not necessary. I remember the parts that I am relaying here. And anyway, I am saving my energy for writing. Play on… 

I was having a “conversation” with one of the guides that I had met during an earlier regression therapy session with Maureen. In answer to Maureen’s questions, I had given his name and a detailed description of his appearance – even his clothing and jewelry. I paused when asked who he was. I could feel and see the answer but didn’t have the words. Eventually I answered that he appeared to be a guide of guides. Maureen later told me that in Christian terms, that would correspond to an archangel.

When Maureen asked how he would contact me, I was again confused about the answer being communicated. I understood it, but how do you say that in words? Suddenly it came to me. Serendipity. I was immediately flooded with knowing. So many friends have commented over the years that I seemed to have an unusual knack for coincidences. One had even taken to referring to me as “Queen of Serendipity”. I myself was sometimes freaked out by it. Maybe it had all meant something after all. I now like it because I feel like it means that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, good and bad.

This was how sessions worked. I would be hypnotized, and then Maureen would ask me questions about what was happening. At first I would arrive at sessions with specific healing issues I wanted to address. But after a while, I would just show up open for whatever was going to happen. And things got really interesting.

In the beginning, I was worried that regression therapy wouldn’t “work” or that I couldn’t be hypnotized. Then I wondered how I could know this was my experience. What if I was merely being influenced by all the accounts I’d read? But I had more than one experience that I’d never read about. For example, I had the impression that past lives were always experienced in a discrete way. But in my case, I sometimes found myself “surfing” fast between moments in completely different lives.

I imagine that if babies were able to describe the process of being born, their accounts would all be similar, and yet all unique.

Later that year, I was glued to the television for Grand Slam tennis tournaments at the French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. While this was a normal occurrence for me, something new was happening. Every now and then, I would suddenly get a feeling and then correctly predict the final scores of a match. It was surreal! I found I couldn’t do it by trying. It came to me when I was completely lost in the match. I tried to measure it – did it only happen with recorded matches? No, it happened with live broadcasts too. I remember one match in particular. These predictions had been going on for a while and I was becoming used to it. I predicted that Roger Federer would win in five sets. He won in three. I was really surprised until one of the commentators said the match had felt just like the Wimbledon final – where Federer had won in five sets.

Maureen said something about how it seemed I was being “trained.” She laughed when I told her about the match I got wrong. “He’s toying with you,” she said referring to Zeeq.

My match predictions were often surprising to me. I once said for example, “No! That’s not possible! Nobody gets double-bageled at this level.” And then the player lost the next two sets 6-0, 6-0, just as I’d predicted. When I would resist the feeling that had come to me, it was like being in the middle of a groove and trying to go up the sides rather than traveling smoothly down the middle. I have been using this more and more in my life. When I’m making decisions I sometimes remember to “feel” it out. Am I going with the groove? I’m no psychic but this has been a handy tool.

It was in July or August that year that the dream happened. The dream that led to some major healing. Please, stay tuned.

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