What Do You Think of the New About Page?!


Money, money money. According to our research, many artists feel uncomfortable with money…talking about it, asking for it, including it in the conversation around their art. Get over it!

In 2010, I was delighted to discover that my storytelling and blogging work qualified as art eligible for Fractured Atlas membership. Having tried many things that unfortunately, had to be given up for lack of sufficient strength and stamina, I had been wondering how I might earn a living again. The existence of Fractured Atlas suggested that I should make a business of my new cause.

After applying for fiscal sponsorship, I took a few online courses. The first course began with the above quote. Gasp! I had to stop and think about this. Like most people I know, my only interaction with the non-profit world had been as a donor. This was my first experience as an official artist and as a member of the non-profit sector

The cool thing is, now that I’ve kept up writing regularly for over a year, it’s given me a new idea for taking my pre-CFS career in a new, sustainable direction. There’s a lot to be said for following your joy…

I am excitedly terrified as I prepare for an upcoming Realitynibs.com project, which I will share with you just as soon as it’s ready. In the meantime, I would love your feedback on the new “About” page. It would boost my confidence in creating my first major fundraising campaign. Yikes!

CLICK HERE for the new About page. Do leave feedback comments below or send me email. Thank you kind reader.

Please note: While contributions are always welcome, I really am asking for your feedback at this time. When the fundraising campaign begins in earnest, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Here’s a big thank you to current Realitynibs.com sponsors! ♡

5 thoughts on “What Do You Think of the New About Page?!

  1. Bola,
    It’s good. How about a suggested donation $ amount? Is that considered a bad idea? I also like it when charities tell me about where the money is going, what percent of the money goes to support the mission, which IRS section the charity is filed under (e.g. 501.3c?), etc. These things give a legitimacy that is comforting to a donor who doesn’t know you personally. But that’s just my opinion. Onwards and upwards!

    • First of all, thanks for your feedback! I will be sure to answer the questions you’re posing. I had originally planned those answers for each specific campaign because, for example, each campaign would have different suggested contributions. But after seeing your comment I will find a way to include this information in the general About page. It takes me a while partly because one of the rules of my fiscal sponsor is that text mentioning them must be approved before publication. However, I can tell you right now that Realitynibs.com comes under 501(c)(3) status (through its fiscal sponsor). I’ll let you know when these updates happen.

  2. The new page gets quickly to the point, which I like – both for me and because anyone landing here can quickly tell what’s going on. Chuck’s right about the information people need to donate, and I still think the first thing is to get people’s positive attention & interest!

      • Darius – Just installed it, it1&82#7;s not working yet for some reason. Probably a weird firewall setting I’ll have to mess with later. Simonoid – thanks for the link, good quality. This game got dull fast. I’m just waiting for our ring ceremony and the chance to see our new players in action.

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