Radio Realitynibs?

This week, I wrote an essay instead of a Realitynibs post. Then I submitted my essay to the main NPR station in Northern California. They quickly responded with suggestions that would make it work better for radio listeners!

I imagine there may be further iterations of editing after I submit my new version today. However, I’ve been told that when (if?) my essay is accepted, we’ll make an appointment for me to come to their studios and record my voice reading it. Then it will be broadcast within about seven days during one of their daily news programs.

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know what happens.

8 thoughts on “Radio Realitynibs?

  1. Exciting, Bola! Definitely post when you know when you might be aired, as I’m sure you will be! I certainly miss talking with you , my friend, so not only do I want to hear what you have to say, I will just enjoy hearing your voice :-)

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  3. First I would like to say congratulations for all you do , I am from Queens olirnagly and currently live in Syracuse nY if people were in touch wih thier community and cared things would be better, Syracuse no better you live here why do you throw trash everywhere etc. I would like also to say Hello to my friend Tanya Rodriguez from years gone by Hello. Please excuse my grip session I served this country for 9 years and nothing chaned still treated like second rate well I got to start my day Have a great day all

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