Radio Silence – Literally!

It turned out that I had called Glenn in the middle of a difficult moment for him. I must have been silent for a full fifteen seconds before I finally spoke. “I’m going to run this by you just in case you’d like to do it anyway. Have you ever been curious to see the inside of KQED studios?”

I practically heard his mood lighten over the phone. “That could be interesting,” he replied. 

“I submitted an essay to KQED and they’ve asked me to come into their studios to record it. I’m hoping that going with a friend will make it a lot easier. I don’t want to hit the wall before we start.”

I’m better than I used to be. So it’s possible that I could get myself there and be okay. But that would be risky. KQED Public Radio is “the most-listened-to public radio station in the nation with an award-winning news and public affairs program service.” I like to think of them as the BBC of America. If I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to have my essay broadcast on their news program, it doesn’t seem reasonable to risk hitting the wall before we begin. Plus going with a friend increases the fun factor!

I’m told that my essay will be on the air within about a week of recording it. I’m not sure if the program is broadcast outside Northern California but it will at least be streamed on the web. There’s much to prepare before next week’s studio session. For example, they’ve asked me to choose possible cuts to my script just in case I run over the allotted time. So I will be pacing myself even more carefully during the week, and getting it all done in between healthcare appointments. I’ll let you know once the broadcast schedule is confirmed.

I’m 90% delighted and 10% anxious. But my piano teacher always used to tell me that I wasn’t really nervous before my music exams – just excited. I’ll keep that in mind.


7 thoughts on “Radio Silence – Literally!

    • Oh my God Dana! I can’t believe how nervous this makes me. I keep thinking “Oh no, everybody is going to hear this!” But it was fine. (And I prefer my essay being accepted to being rejected!)

      KQED studios was a great experience. I will let you know as soon as my segment has been scheduled to air.

    • Hello Howard!

      What a nice surprise to see your comment. It was great working with you too and it would be a treat to do it again.

      I took a look at your Bola Sete link. How cool that his name is the same as mine for completely different reasons. His is a nickname that came from Brazilian billiards while mine is short for “Mobolanle”, a Yoruba name.

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