Quick Status Update

Just a quick note to let you know I’m still waiting for my KQED Radio segment to be scheduled for broadcast. You will see it here first as soon as I know! Please enjoy the pictures in the meantime and have a restful Labor Day weekend.

2 thoughts on “Quick Status Update

  1. Bola,
    What a wonderful blessing I received last weekend, meeting you !!
    The manifestation of beauty, elegance, dignity, strength and courage, you are.
    A leader, a trailblazer and a healer for all your Family and the many others, whom you’ve touched. Though the burden you carry is heavy and the path that has chosen you, to travel it, is fraught with peril, it is of no consequence, for you are a survivor, a role model and a leader, in the awakening of love…….and you are creating disciples that will follow your lead !

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