Please Join Realitynibs on Health Activist’s Challenge


The email looked interesting but I’d never heard of the company before. So I treated it like spam (sorry!):

My name is Susan and I’m the Director of Community Relations at WEGO Health, an online network of Health Activists – people like you who blog, tweet, or facebook about different health topics. Our mission is to empower Health Activists to help others. As part of this mission, we regularly create programs geared toward online health leaders and I wanted to tell you about our latest program – the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.

Two weeks later, a reminder:

We’ve compiled 30 prompts for you to use to write every day of April. The prompts are fun, introspective, and will help you explore writing about your health in a new, interesting way. It’s one of our most exciting programs here at WEGO Health and we’d love to have you with us! We’ll email you all the prompts and ways for you to share with your community members and invite them to join HAWMC too. 

After a little research I was in. It turns out that when the CEO and Founder of WEGO Health, Jack Barette, was an executive at Yahoo, he witnessed millions struggle to find credible, useful health information online. I guess WEGO Health is his answer to that.

I am proud to have been identified as a health activist. Plus, I’d been pondering a new direction for Realitynibs when WEGO found me.

Please join me, dear reader, on this 30 day challenge. I may need you to keep me going! Your options are subscribing to, joining Realitynibs on Facebook or following @realitynibs on Twitter. I look forward to reading your responses to what will be very short posts! See you on Sunday.

Dear WEGO Health, I hope you don’t mind me playing around with your graphic design. Presumably you won’t need it in thirty days anyway…

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