10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

Last month I did an experiment. Can I take a break from my greens for maybe a day? I was at Whole Foods when I hit the wall. Hard. I thought, What’s going on? I haven’t felt this bad in ages! Then I remembered the experiment and ordered some freshly made green vegetable juice. You wouldn’t believe how quickly I began to feel better.

So the number one thing I can’t live without is greens! A.k.a. green vegetable juice, or green vegetable powder in alkaline water

2. Clean air. Like, really clean. No smoke or fragrances please. My immune system can’t take it.

3. Purified, alkaline water. I have a dear friend who says that alkaline water is a fraud. All I know is it helped me when things were a lot worse and it helps me still. In case you’re wondering I’ve been using a Jupiter Melody water ionizer.

4. Of about twenty to thirty supplements and prescriptions I take daily, the most important one currently is 400mg magnesium capsules. I take 3 a day. I used to take about 12 a day. If I took that many now I’d have to live in the bathroom. Which makes me wonder: is CFS a disease of cellular and organ depletion? Or is that just how this particular girl arrived there?

5. My rebounder

6. D-Ribose

7. Thorne Research pure ascorbic acid 1000mg capsules. Similar story to magnesium. Except my doctor asked me to increase the dosage until it causes the runs. (TMI?) But I never got the runs. So I stopped at 10 x1000mg a day. Eventually it did get too much and I gradually brought it down. Now at 2 or 3 a day. It’s very important for healing adrenals. And if I’m taking that much, I really appreciate Thorne Research making it available without any fillers or additives.

By the way I wouldn’t want to live if I couldn’t take both supplements with delicious, recovery-supporting food that makes meals a joy.

8. Which is more important: lymphatic drainage or infrared sauna sessions? The theory is that they promote detoxification and help the immune system heal. What I know for sure is that at the beginning, I got into trouble if I didn’t get them both several times a week. Now I just need them at least once a month.

9. Bola Odulate’s iMac, et al.

10. Whether it’s solving a bedtime problem, going in for major surgery or recovering from CFS/FMS, I can do it as long as I have the right wardrobe! The beautiful white cotton skirt/Victorian underwear that I got for my hospital stay is still my favorite thing to wear to bed. It’s how I prepare myself emotionally.

I’m so glad a few non-CFS things made it onto my top ten list! Thank you to all the friends who’ve provided … well, love. It’s so fundamental and yet transcends lists at the same time. Xox

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