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The story of the five people I’d like to have dinner with, living or dead, is about the different aspects of life I want to experience through them. This is a tall order because I don’t just want to learn, I want to have a ton of fun!

So once my five guests are seated, I would start by asking M. Scott Peck for the best way that we might come together as a community for the evening. He may suggest taking turns having each person say something on their mind, in a non-judgmental space. No responses, we all just listen to each other. After multiple rounds for about half an hour, Oprah Winfrey might giggle in the delicious, supportive air we’ve just created and ask, “What is your intention tonight Bola? What would you like to see happen?” 

“Well, to be honest, my intentions are completely selfish! You are my favorite people on the subjects of relationship, family, leadership, health and community. I’m convinced that merely eating with you tonight will inspire all those areas of my life. But it’s not just about learning in those individual categories. I also think something unexpected might happen. Something borne of the incredible synergy already being generated in this room.”

At this point, Oprah turns to the man across the table from her just as the appetizer plates are being taken away. “Sir, you have such a distinguished presence. But I’m afraid I don’t recognize you!”

I smile to myself. Ms. Winfrey can’t help but turn into the interviewer and leader at table.

“I am Bola’s grandfather,” Mr. Odulate replies. “I died before she was born.”

A delighted look comes across Laura Day‘s face. I love her intuitive and powerfully insightful understanding of healthy living at all levels – physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. She gets straight to the heart of the matter. “You feel a special connection with Bola don’t you?” Laura asks my grandfather.

“Yes,” he answers simply. “She reminds me of my daughter Folake.”

Gary Zukav finally speaks up. “Now that Bola understands that, it’s going to help her with building the kind of spiritual partnership she desires.” Everybody nods in agreement.

As dessert is served, it isn’t just the anticipation of its flavors that makes the room feel like heaven. I feel elevated by the group connection. Somehow with this completely disparate set of people, I got to feel the purest essence of family and community for one magical evening that would never be forgotten. 😉

RELEVANT REALITYNIBS LINKS: I cannot think of a single Realitynibs link that has anything to do with an imaginary dinner of six people, two of whom are dead!

WEGO PROMPT FOR THIS POST: Who are 5 people you’d love to have dinner with (living or deceased) and why?

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