Miracle Cure


A Medical Cure for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Finally!

******WARNING. This is a fake news article. WARNING******

“It’s a miracle,” Sage said. “I’m sleeping easily, deeply every night then waking up rested and refreshed. And I’m not taking any of the nine prescriptions and supplements I used to need to get any sleep at all.”

Over the last two weeks, this reporter has heard similar comments from many former Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia patients across California. “I can take care of my children again.” Or, “I have gotten out of bed every morning for the last month, done the things I chose to do, gone to sleep and then happily woken up the next day to do it all again.” And, “My body is pain-free and flexible again. I’ve missed yoga!”

Though each had been affected in unique ways the pattern running through their comments was clear – they were all functioning again.

“It’s actually been a few years since we first came up with this technology,” said Dr. Teagan the lead medical researcher on the Hypothalamic Imaging team. “But we found to our surprise that the relapse rate was unacceptably high.”

Five years ago, Dr. Teagan discovered that they could adapt MRI techniques to “read” the hypothalamus. Not only did this turn out to be an accurate way to diagnose Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, they found they could also determine the effective treatment protocol for each patient. But the problem was patients got better quickly, returned to living their lives as they had always done, and ended up right back in Dr. Teagan’s office with the same problems as before.

“The real miracle here,” Dr. Teagan explained, “is that our medical team reached out to the alternative health community. Including techniques like EFT, NLP, Brain Wave Optimization and Behavioral Therapy in ways that had been developed specifically for CFS/FMS, created lasting results for Hypothalamic Imaging.”

The many organizations whose cause was to find a cure for this complicated, misunderstood condition have achieved their goal. Perhaps now they could reinvent themselves as prevention pioneers.

******WARNING. This has been a fake news article. WARNING******

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