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Please see a picture of M2 at the bottom of this post!

It’s hard to believe that there was a time smartphones did not exist. Although it probably would not have made much difference during the first year or so of my CFS experience. Not too long after I was able to enjoy reading again, I was also beginning to spend more time on the sofa than in bed. Then somebody gave me an iPhone.

The words that accompanied my gift seem surprisingly prescient now. My new device was apparently intended as a contribution to my healing. Soon, tracking my daily blood pressure, temperature and weight became a fun game because, well, there was an app for that. I even got to see graphs on my phone that showed the overall trends of my progress. I had access to email, bills and Facebook in the palm of my hand without having to leave my sofa. In those days quite frankly, I often couldn’t leave the sofa or talk on the phone. This meant that my iPhone was my main means of social interaction. 

I even taught myself to use my first blogging software on my mobile device. iWeb gave way to WordPress once I began writing in earnest. I made sure had a great mobile display for people like me. And Evernote became critical for recording my blogging ideas because I could save them on my phone and then access them from my desktop. Even now, I couldn’t participate in this Challenge without the bigger iOS device I’m using to write this.

So please, say a warm hello to my Realitynibs Mobile Mascot, RM2 or just M2 for short. Thank you so much M2, I literally couldn’t be here without you. I love you.


RELEVANT REALITYNIBS LINKS: This little website was the precursor to Also, you can see images of Realitynibs mobile screens here – that is, if you’re not already reading this on a mobile device!

WEGO PROMPT FOR THIS POST: Give yourself, your condition, or your health focus a mascot. Is it a real person? Fictional? Mythical being? Describe them. Bonus points if you provide a visual!

This is post 24 of 30 in the series for WEGO Health’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge 2012

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