International Chronic Fatigue Awareness Day


It is now thought that the condition which kept Florence Nightingale bedridden for the final 50 years of her life was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia Syndrome. In 1993, May 12 was chosen as the International CFS/FMS Awareness Day because it was Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

Realitynibs is written mostly from a Chronic Fatigue perspective because in my case, those are the dominant symptoms. So on this occasion, the most important thing I would like you to know is that the hardest part with Chronic Fatigue is not the exertion – although that’s hard enough. The hardest part is the inability to recover from exertion.

For me, going for a walk or going out to dinner once meant that I was stuck in bed for a week, feeling like I had been hit and pinned down by a truck. Now that I’m more functional, :-) things are more complicated because my boundaries are harder to express successfully. :-(

May I humbly suggest that a good way to mark today, would be to ask yourself where in your life you would like to better understand and express your own boundaries? If you’d like to know more about CFS/FMS specifically, here’s a great paper from the Optimum Health Clinic on their award-winning treatment research for Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia. In addition, you can find more suggestions from the CFIDS Association of America on marking today.

Of course, I would also love to have you join the Realitynibs Cheering Section. Then please, have a wonderful day taking good care of yourself!


2 thoughts on “International Chronic Fatigue Awareness Day

  1. Florence Nightingale was Bipolar not CFS, As with a lot of Bipolar Sufferers they tend more to clinical depression as they age, hypomania and manic episodes decrease over time. Florence suffered a mental illness and was never stigmatised by it.

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