An Award for Realitynibs!


WEGO Health set up a TweetChat to wrap up the 30 day blog challenge in which I had just participated. Everything was moving quickly. Well over 1,000 writers had signed up and presumably a good number of us were TweetChatting.

Towards the end, the Superlatives began. I had never heard of a blog challenge before being invited to participate in the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (HAWMC). By the time I attended the TweetChat however, I knew there would be awards and I hoped I could receive one of them! 

I was speechless for many moments. Really?! The video that had come from an agonizing decision to make my day even more difficult? The video that had been made on a precariously propped iPad?! Wow. I guess sometimes it pays to go over the edge.

There you have it. Chronic Fatigue chick who starts blog to share what she’s learning about healing, wins award. Please go to this post on Wego Health’s blog to see the other award-winning efforts. They’re all very cool.

Woo hoo!!!


5 thoughts on “An Award for Realitynibs!

  1. Congratulations on the award. And great to see you looking vibrant and enjoying yourself on the video. Look’s like London is doing wonderful things for you. Lots of love for ongoing progress and new laurels in the media/performance area. You knew you had it in you!

    • Maybe I did! I’m working on another tough project right now and the way things turned with the video suggests I could try to enjoy things along the way even when they’re tough. Thank you…

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