Is the Advert Video Allowed Here?!

When I first saw it, I think every single hair on my body stood on end. I knew something new and different was happening. I wasn’t sure what. But I really liked it.

I’ve never seen so much and such cool promotion for the Paralympic Games. Maybe it’s a UK thing or perhaps a sign of the times. Or maybe it’s a Channel 4 thing. Whatever the reason, this video gives me serious goosebumps. –Bola Odulate

I found the video online and posted it on my personal Facebook page. None of my friends said anything. Hmmmnnn, was I wrong? I went back to Googling. This time I found an article explaining that Channel 4 was looking to get people to “reassess what they thought the Paralympics is.” 

As impressive as the ad is, the huge push given to it by Channel 4 is a clear bid to bring the Paralympics from the sporting wings to centre stage. The trailer, which features the Public Enemy track, “Harder Than You Think”, was broadcast at 9pm on Tuesday across 78 channels, including ITV1 and Sky1, in what’s known in the trade as a “roadblock”.

Something new was indeed happening! I felt privileged to have witnessed it first hand.

I decided it was time for me to give hip hop another try. After downloading Harder Than You ThinkI got on the rebounder. I bounced higher than ever as I thought of all the images in the ad. I wasn’t on TV or in contention to win any medals. I was merely winning my authenticity. But no matter how gruesome my journey, I can feel as cool and beautiful as that ad if I want. Yeah…

If those amazing men and women who were transcending one arm, no legs or shriveled limbs were superhuman, then going from being paralyzed by fatigue to bouncing high was also amazing.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to publish the video here so look quickly! You might discover that you’re superhuman too… (Here’s the YouTube link just in case you have any trouble with the video below.)

Video embedded here by permission of Channel 4, official broadcaster of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, August 29 – September 9. (I think I’ve now met the terms for embedding this video here. If not, please be kind Channel 4!)


7 thoughts on “Is the Advert Video Allowed Here?!

  1. I’ve just changed the YouTube link to the annotated version of the video so that all Realitynibs readers can see it around the world. The original version seems to be restricted.

  2. puppy if you got tons of times!!!!, y didnt i seen it before i got my dog? the weird thing is that i got my dog the same day u upaodled this vid dog know about 30 to 40 words only about 10 of them are tricks. like it matter..the problem with my dog, is not how many words could she understand, because: if u been with ur puppy for long enough it will do whatever u want before u even think about it, they magic at times.american eskimo can read my brain. jk lol peacethanks for helping

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