Introductions: 5 Things I Want You to Know


There are five things I would love for you to know about my experience of being in London for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatment. And I want you to know these things because they’re probably signposts to universal truths. I once heard Deepak Chopra say that universal truths are irrelevant until they become your truths. So consider these to be my contribution to your personalization of, well, any universal truth you choose.

1. First let’s take care of basics, especially for new readers. I’m sure old readers will appreciate the reminder. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (a.k.a. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or M.E.) and Fibromyalgia are manifestations of the same underlying condition of hypothalamic dysfunction. The system gets overwhelmed by one or more triggers, the hypothalamus in the brain blows like a fuse and your body shuts down to protect itself. I call it a “walking coma”. 

2. I had already learned a lot about ME/CFS from my own experience and also from the research of Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, but working with the Optimum Health Clinic expanded my model of understanding of my condition. However, any model is by definition a limited approximation of the reality it seeks to represent. I particularly want the medical doctor, who scoffed when I told him how I had improved, to understand this!!!

3. In February of 2012, I did an online course with Alex Howard. At the end of the first session, I duly did my homework of writing down the three goals I wanted to achieve. The following week, I changed my mind. I didn’t see the point of three solid but mediocre goals when there was just one thing that truly got me going. Why not focus on that?! So I changed my answer to, “Attend the Optimum Health Clinic program in London” and resubmitted it. I still can’t quite believe or understand the series of events which then landed this homebound patient in London the following month. So I would like to refine the saying, “be careful what you ask for, you just might get it” by adding, you may as well ask for what is truly in your heart, however improbable it may seem.

4. It could take years to know and accept what truths are in your heart. It took me seven years to arrive at that specific desire. Or maybe it took all the time I’d been alive.

5. Whenever I have an idea to do something, it is always so hard for me to accept that I can’t do the whole thing overnight. In fact, before falling ill, I used to pull off all sorts of crazy, sleep-depriving time tricks and get kudos for it. “You did that in a day??!!” somebody might say. CFS has forced me to give that up and my London has taught me that I can take things in baby steps and still get to incredible places without harming my sleep or health along the way. The question now is, can I do this blog challenge in a sustainable way…?!


Day 2 (April 2) – Introductions

  • Introduce your condition(s) to other Health Activists. What are 5 things you want them to know about your condition/your activism?
  • Share links to 3-5 of your old posts (or posts from other Health Activists!) that you think will help the newly diagnosed.

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