Wordless Wednesday. Well, Almost!


Day 3 (April 3) – Wordless Wednesday

❒ Post a picture that symbolizes your condition and your experiences.


Welcome to level 13. Congratulations! Now all you have to do is slay the hardest and meanest dragon of all.

Wait, what?! But I already fought levels 1 to 12. I really killed at level 12 especially! Come on, this is not fair!

Hey don’t blame me. You’re the one who said you wanted truth, health and integrity.

Oh God… But this is the final level for recovery right?

Probably. But there are no promises in this game. Play on!

One thought on “Wordless Wednesday. Well, Almost!

  1. Hey send me a note with your email, will send link to check out my album and website when it’s out. Stay healthy and very good to meet you.

    Audrey eddy

    P.s. don’t let the dragon get you.
    you’re alive!

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