Aspiration: Five Year Plan

I feel like Neo. Now that I can see The Matrix, I want to do something about it. But first I’ve go to stop the bullets, stop the bleeding.

Then I’ll just live my life for a bit, enjoy the unexpected things that I’ve learned and rebuild my “house”.

I love corporate evangelism and I’m learning to do it in a much healthier way than I did before. I also want to help others recover from Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia so I will eventually turn the programs that I’m using to heal myself into qualifications for healing others. Ultimately, I see myself developing and evangelizing tools for healthy corporate productivity. 

This could take one, three or five years. Or it could take the rest of my life. I’m leaving deadlines behind as much as possible these days. It’s all about living life and taking whatever step is right for this moment.

I’m already jealous of my future clients. Lol!!!

Day 5 (April 5) – Aspiration

  • “If I could do anything as a Health Activist…” Think big today! Money/ time/ physical limitations are no longer an issue. What is your biggest goal that is now possible?
  • What’s your one, three, or five year plan for your Health Activism?

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