Day 6 – Letter to an Older Me


Dear 100-year-old Bola,

I already know that I’m making the right decisions now in 2013 in order for you to have the healthy, beautiful life that you are living. I can see that recovering from the rather challenging experience of being paralyzed by Chronic Fatigue in 2005 is forcing me to learn what Dr. Brené Brown calls, Wholehearted Living. This is something I’ve always wanted although it looks like the results for you are better than I dared imagine. 

Here’s my question for you. Even though I’m clear about the value of my truth, health and integrity, the stark choices I’ve had to make when somebody I care about doesn’t understand my path, are devastating. Also, I can’t help but worry about what might happen to me if things don’t work out, despite the fact that I believe things will work out.

My dear 2013 Bola, you already have the answers! As Zeeq pointed out, you have now acquired all the elements to enable your healing. Keep breathing through the tough lows; keep breathing through the lofty highs. Well done with building your meditation practice in baby steps. If you miss a day or a week, simply continue the next day! Those spaces you’re creating in those breaths – and in those moments where your brain starts to release its stressful grip – those spaces and moments get bigger and bigger until they buy me the unusual serenity that I still have.

Thank you for the steps you’re taking now that have allowed me to build this life that I love. And whenever you forget what I have just told you, simply take another breath…


Day 6 (April 6) – Letters

  • Write a letter to an older you (tell us what age you’re writing to!). What do you want to ask yourself? What lesson do you want to make sure you remember?
  • Write a letter to your condition – what do you want to get off your chest?



2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Letter to an Older Me

  1. true theres no money in a cure. The Pharmaceutical Cooperations Make Billions a year and can foarfd to lobby congress all they want so they don’t have to do proper testing before putting a new medicine on the market. Its true that EFT wont cure all the Damage that chemicals cause, but It will help with the Mental aspects. How one feels about a disease will affect how their body reacts to it.

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