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When I first fell ill and nobody could diagnose or treat me, I began trying things on my own. I thought I should write down what I was learning for others who may come behind me and this eventually led to Realitynibs.com

CFS/FMS is a term coined by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum because he found that chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia were simply different manifestations of the same underlying condition: hypothalamic dysfunction. There is a long list of emotional and physical factors that can trigger hypothalamic dysfunction and cause CFS/FMS – this makes it difficult to successfully treat or prevent CFS/FMS but certainly not impossible. Also, when this condition is recognized and caught early, successful treatment is easier.

Some patients have just chronic fatigue or just fibromyalgia but most – like me – have some combination of both. In my case, the CFS is dominant.

The main program I’m attending at the Optimum Health Clinic in London can also be used to become a practitioner. I plan to do this eventually, after I have completed my own healing.

In short, the untrue option above is the second one. CFS/FMS can be prevented. This may be difficult in the 21st century but it is far from impossible. And that’s my final answer!

Day 16 (April 16) – Misinformation

  • Tell us 3 things that are true about you, your condition, or your Health Activism. Tell us 1 lie. Will we be able to tell the difference?
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