Wordless Wednesday – Wow!

Day 17 (April 17) – Wordless Wednesday

Go to http://www.wordle.net/ to create a word cloud or tree from a list of words associated with your condition, blog, or interests. Post it!


Last year there was also a prompt that required us Blog Challenge participants to use Wordle. I had all kinds of problems because, as it turned out, the Wordle applet does not run on an iPad and I was still waiting for my desktop to arrive in London. The solution was to ask for help and the results were rather fun.

This year, I have my desktop but the application still didn’t run at first. I had to solve a few technical challenges and then, voilà! A word cloud in my own style. It’s interesting to see that one of the most recent Realitynibs posts was actually written by a guest so some of the prominent words are not typical of my Realitynibs vocabulary.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 7.24.40 PM



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