Burnout? Feel Better Right Here!

ME/CFS is essentially a form of extreme burnout. The burnout’s gone past the point of no return and one can no longer simply take a vacation or get some sleep in order to get better.

This blog is all about understanding the triggers, how it feels and how to recover. Those moments of despair do happen and I’ve developed a bag of tools to help me get out of the pit. My favorite one is listening to Mozart’s symphony no 12 in g major. Here’s the delightful menuetto! 

(If you’re going to buy it I recommend the Karl Bohm recording. Remember that you don’t have to get all 46 symphonies – just number 12…)

Day 20 (April 20) – Burnout

  • Write about burnout. What does it feel like? What are your burnout triggers? OR
  • What gets you OUT of the pit of despair when nothing is going your way?

One thought on “Burnout? Feel Better Right Here!

  1. Burn out….well, having too much on my plate at any one time makes me feel worried and
    Pushes all my buttons. Too many bills, extra symptoms or intensity of symptoms, perhaps having a friend cancel a much anticipated outing at the last minute, needing to go to the dentist, something breaking in my apartment, a neighbor playing his music too loudly into the wee hours of the morning preventing me from sleeping… Basically life, but too many of these things at once and I start to feel desperate.

    I go for a walk to the river, try to find some good fiction to read and practice the guitar. Sometimes I make a hot apple cider or warm up some chocolate almond milk to sip and have a good cry. An Epsom salt bath can really help. Occasionally, if I have an easy day the next day, I will have a glass of wine or some gluten-free beer! I know, I know, but the occasional drink relaxes me and takes my mind off my worries and allows me to take a nap,or sleep better.

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