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Day 28 (April 28) – Must Follow!

Create a must follow list for your community on a single social network. Share your top 5-10 tweeters, blogs, or Facebook pages.


If I could recommend only one Facebook page for ME/CFS patients it would be that of the The Optimum Health Clinic. I mean, I transported myself to London from San Francisco so that I could benefit from their programs. You can’t get a bigger endorsement than that!

If you’re on your own either because there’s no ME/CFS doctor in your vicinity or because you’d like an in-depth understanding of your recovery, then my top recommendation for you would be Jacob Teitelbaum’s Facebook page. I think it’s the best approach for physical improvement (outside of diet). 

My biggest initial improvement came from following Robert O. Young’s pH Miracle approach. Here’s his Facebook page:

Once I began to improve, I wanted a structured support group where we could support each other on our recovery paths. I didn’t find Chrysalis Effect until after arriving in London and their support is built around their Facebook page.

Finally, for residential care with a recovery-promoting diet, please check out the TrueNorth page.

That’s all folks!


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