Day 11: Pet Pal


Write a thank you letter to your furry, feathery, or fishy friend for always being there for you. How have they helped you cope with your health condition? #HAWMC


Dear Gibson,

I’ll never forget the day I woke up feeling particularly bad. I heard you meow as you left your explorations of our new apartment. Your meows got louder and louder until you were jumping on my bed and draping yourself across my waist. I felt so special to have been insistently adopted by such an empathetic cat! If only I could tell all the amazing stories of you trying so hard to take good care of me…


Thank you to my old neighbor Daniela for giving you permission to move with me. Thank you to your new guardian Vera for providing you with a loving, stable home thus allowing me to seek treatment in London and elsewhere. Most of all, many thanks to you for turning me into a cat person! (Or at least into a Gibson person.)




There! I’ve managed to write a post for the Health Activist Writers Month Challenge 2015. This is an annual event by Wego Health. I’m working my way out of crisis mode at the moment but really want to take part! Unfortunately I have to leave for the emergency room once I publish this… Am I still pushing my poor body too hard???


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