Are You Reading from Mobile or Desktop?

I’ll never forget the day I added mobile compatibility to You can install software packages called plugins into WordPress blogs (Realitynibs is a WordPress blog). I decided that one particular plugin was best for touch smartphones and another plugin for simpler mobiles. I even found an online phone simulator to test my interface for simpler mobiles!

I got into a zone and sat at my desk until it was all done a few hours later. Then I realized I was in trouble. I got up carefully, lay down on the floor and writhed in pain for quite a while… 

Even though I am stronger today, I’m also taking care of food, paperwork and some housekeeping myself. So it’s actually harder for me to take the kind of risks that I took that day. Luckily is already mobile-friendly. All I need to do now is check on the mobile plugins and see if any updates are required.

How do you read this blog??? (Please see poll above.)

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