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What are suggested donation amounts? We have found a clinic that specializes in Chronic Fatigue and has helped thousands of patients around the world attain full recovery! The ultimate fundraising goal of is to attend this clinic’s training program and provide their expertise locally via the Healthy San Francisco program. Let’s start small for now:

  • $107 would pay for grant research that identifies appropriate grants, awards, foundations, fellowships etc. for the project
  • $53 would cover one hour of grant application assistance
  • Thank you! There will be soon be more information on the Clinic and on Realitynibs fundraising campaigns.

What percentage of contributions goes to support the mission? Six per cent covers Fiscal Sponsor fees for administrative handling. This means that ninety-four per cent goes to support the mission. Some expenses incur taxes and these are covered by


Who are “we” and “us”? board members who are soon to be revealed! It also includes loyal readers who have all contributed to my learning, growth and recovery.

More questions and answers:

  1. What is Fiscal Sponsorship?
  2. What are the IRS restrictions regarding the tax deductibility of donations?
  3. How do people donate online by credit card?
  4. How do you process donations made by check?
  5. What is a “non-cash” donation? Is it the same as “in-kind” donation?
  6. Can you accept donations of stocks, bonds or other cash equivalents?
  7. Can you accept donations in the form of actual currency?
  8. Does Fiscal Sponsorship provide eligibility to receive matching gifts from corporations?
  9. Do you ever refund donations?
Thank you!

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