Since my intention is full recovery, this Chronic Fatigue story has an end and therefore an outline. After the conclusion of this particular phase of my life, I will write about something else. I will also thank CFS for introducing me to blogging …

  1. Introduction These four posts introduce you to
  2. Diagnosis Stories from the two years it took to get diagnosed and the following two years to find a doctor. Corresponds to “hearing the summons”, the first step of transformation or response to change. See “Amazing Coincidence”, one of four posts in the Introduction category.
  3. Solutions Corresponds to “enduring the trials” in the second step of transformation. See “Amazing Coincidence“, a post in the Introduction category.
    1. Practical Strategies Living and healing on a teaspoon of energy.
    2. Treatment Protocols Reports and reviews of treatments.
  4. Lessons Corresponds to “receiving the boon” in the third step of transformation. See “Amazing Coincidence“, one of the four posts in the Introduction category.
  5. Future Corresponds to “returning to community” in the fourth step of transformation. See “Amazing Coincidence” one of the four posts in the Introduction category.
  6. Conclusion A.k.a. mission accomplished. I can’t wait to get to this part! These posts are about completing my journey of recovery, packing up my lessons and moving on.
  7. Scrapbook Tid-bits from the web, often connected to previously published posts.
  8. Journal Posts that are like ongoing, journal entries as opposed to the fully constructed stories you’ll find in Introduction, Diagnosis, Solutions, Lessons, Future and Conclusion.