Take the #GivingTuesday Challenge!

Giving Tuesday 2014


I have been working hard behind the scenes to return to Realitynibs and now it’s Giving Tuesday.

Have you heard of it? It comes once a year, after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I know you want to thank me for keeping you on the cutting edge of social trends. You’re welcome!

I’ve had too many harrowing moments since you last heard from me. But the good news is that I’ve finally got a complete protocol which I’ve proved works, and my friend Carlos Taylor has started a crowdfund hosted on GiveForward.com to make it possible for me to properly follow this protocol and complete recovery.

How do you feel about using your #GivingTuesday quota to help us succeed? We are dreaming of reaching 50% of goal today. Please take a look and pass this on with a Facebook share or a tweet. You could say something on Facebook like,

Today’s #GivingTuesday, a global holiday dedicated to giving back. I’m making an impact by giving $20 to an @GiveForward fundraiser called After Nine Years of Disability, Bola Can Return to Working with Your Help!: http://gfwd.at/1kecxgQ. I challenge @Sarah and @Michael to #GiveForward, too!


Or perhaps, something on Twitter like,

Today’s #GivingTuesday! I’ve made an impact by giving $20 to http://gfwd.at/1kecxgQ. I challenge @Sarah and @Michael to give too! #unselfie


Then you can sit back, feel good about yourself, and check out sfhealsme on Instagram where I will post my favorite Giving Tuesday images throughout today. By helping me complete recovery, you’re also helping future Chronic Fatigue patients do the same. You have my word… Thank you!!!

Pondering Purpose

On September 11 2001, I had just left Sun Microsystems. The plan was to spend a few weeks recovering from the extreme burnout I was feeling, then get another job.

Somehow, my plan changed after planes were crashed into New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania. I felt compelled, by a force that would not be denied, to follow a path closer to my heart. That turned out to be starting my Evangelist Marketing business.  Continue reading

What Do You Think of the New About Page?!


Money, money money. According to our research, many artists feel uncomfortable with money…talking about it, asking for it, including it in the conversation around their art. Get over it!

In 2010, I was delighted to discover that my storytelling and blogging work qualified as art eligible for Fractured Atlas membership. Having tried many things that unfortunately, had to be given up for lack of sufficient strength and stamina, I had been wondering how I might earn a living again. The existence of Fractured Atlas suggested that I should make a business of my new cause.

After applying for fiscal sponsorship, I took a few online courses. The first course began with the above quote. Gasp! I had to stop and think about this. Like most people I know, my only interaction with the non-profit world had been as a donor. This was my first experience as an official artist and as a member of the non-profit sectorContinue reading

Chronic Fatigue Wardrobe

Or, How to Build a Wardrobe on the Internet

I can do anything as long as I can figure out what to wear for it. That’s right, I said it! You might think that makes me a ridiculously shallow fashionista. But it’s merely an outward expression of inner, even spiritual, preparation.

Wardrobes don’t have to be just for conventionally noble projects such as a job search, pregnancy or going on holiday. They could also be for meeting a long cherished goal or adjusting to a new lifestyle … like a downsized lifestyle. Earning a fraction of what you used to make when Bill Clinton was President or needing to tone down your designer looks in solidarity with your battered community isn’t so bad if you can figure out the appropriate clothes! Continue reading