Do You Think I Should Send This Letter?

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Dear Dr. Addison,

I thought you might like to know what has happened with my health since we last spoke in 2006. You may remember that at the beginning of that year, I complained of fatigue that prevented me from working or leading the life I knew in any way; unquenchable thirst; feeling like I had been hit by a truck after I tried to push through my fatigue and go for a small walk; insomnia; various kinds of digestive distress; and pain in my joints, particularly my wrist. It turns out that I’m suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia Syndrome (CFS/FMS).

Because of problems defining chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, I prefer to use the following definition: Continue reading

Should I Do Chelation for Heavy Metal Toxicity?

I “met” Dr. Teitelbaum online when he featured my questions in the August 2008 publication of his newsletter. It was stunning to see my name as I was reading his latest tips! The webpage on which I had submitted my message did say that some may be published but I was so sure this would not include mine that I hadn’t bothered to avoid my real name.

I’m a little less guarded now, as the existence of this blog proves! Plus, I’m on a mission. So here’s the aforementioned message together with Dr. T’s reply: Continue reading

Dr Oz – Treatments for Fibromyalgia –

Dr. Mehmet Oz analyzed 4 treatments for fibromyalgia in his first “O” magazine column, published August 2009. Of the four treatments, he chose to recommend Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum’s, protocol, which he described as a “Nutrition-Based Approach”. The others were:

  • “Western Medicine Approach”
  • “Energy-Based Approach” and
  • “Psychological Approach”.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia are sister illnesses. They seem to lie at the two ends of a spectrum, and most people diagnosed with one also have a component of the other.

Here is the comment I wrote in September 2009 for the online edition of his column: Continue reading