I am not a doctor, medical or otherwise. I’m sharing what I have learned as a CFS patient. My intent here is to contribute towards overcoming impossible obstacles in general and towards the successful diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Fatigue in particular. This is currently a ridiculously difficult and lengthy process for too many sufferers. I have found that educating myself has made my treatments and doctor relationships more effective, and I hope that other CFS patients and their doctors will find this information useful.

All the recommendations I make come from my personal experience. For example, I have read Dr. Teitelbaum’s book more than once and highly recommend it. If a major product or service I recommend should become a sponsor of Realitynibs.com or compensate me in any way, I will disclose that.

You may have noticed that I have ads on my blog so I benefit in general from visits to Realitynibs.com. Other than that, the smaller things are harder to specify. It’s hard to disclose every link that may earn 8 cents or interview that may have covered my lunch (I look forward to going out to lunch effortlessly. In the meantime I’ll be conducting interviews by phone).

So, like Tim Ferriss, I would like to preserve your reading experience, make life easier for my fatigued self and simultaneously meet FTC rules, by asking you to assume the following are all true:

After you’ve had a good laugh(!) if you ever feel uncertain about my reasons for any recommendation, please drop me a line and I would be happy to give you further information.

I’ve borrowed heavily from Tim Ferriss’ disclosure text on this page, in addition to using his images. Thank you Tim for sharing these with other bloggers.