☛ Everyone at KQED Studios for making my time there an awesome experience. The parking attendant, random people we happened to meet, the studio engineer, the receptionist. They were all warm, welcoming and resourceful. They’re doing something right over there.

☛ Ray Anderson for making the first contribution to the crowdfund. Congratulations on your Niblet Video Award!

☛ Kayode, Chuck Stormon, dana friedrich, George Ronkin, Babatunde Solanke, Ade and Natalie: You have made the launch of Realitynibs version 2.0 a completely joyous occasion. Somebody, play some dance music!

☛ Some very special people wrote comments on version 1.0 and it meant so much to me. Thank you Kayode, chrisf, Debbie and Ray. I’ve lived on your words of encouragement!

☛ Penbox very kindly gave me permission to use their vintage nib image as my avatar. They even wished me well in my new venture!