Manifesto is dedicated to recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia Syndrome (CFS/FMS). I’m on a mission to complete my healing, contribute something towards overcoming impossible obstacles by telling my story and change the world!

I am writing about this disabling condition because it is so misunderstood that it took two years for me to be diagnosed and another two years to find a doctor who knew how to treat this. And I have access to probably some of the best doctors in the world…

I have found that educating myself has made my treatments and doctor relationships more effective, and I hope that other CFS patients and their doctors will find this information useful. If the medical community and society at large are better informed, maybe sufferers of this condition would experience far less isolation and misunderstanding. Perhaps can even become a gathering place for people to share ideas and experiences that contribute to its mission of full recovery from CFS.

It’s also my aim to simplify the understanding and execution of treatment. CFS patients are easily overwhelmed both mentally and physically and keeping up with the complexity of diagnosis and treatment would be challenging even for the able-bodied. You’ll find that much of this website is useful for healthy people who find themselves bombarded with fast-moving 21st century data!

Posts will be added zero, once or twice a week for friends and family, CFS patients and doctors, spiritual seekers and readers of interesting journeys. Some posts will include video and audio; all will cover the stunning stories from my experience of diagnosis, treatment and ongoing transformation (mostly for the better).

One day, I’d like to start a residential treatment center for Chronic Fatigue patients, where all aspects of living with this condition are understood and addressed. It would be a cross between rehab, an old-fashioned sanitarium and the St. Jude Research Hospital. Even the janitor would be familiar with the special needs of CFS/FMS patients! I’d also like to apply what I’ve learned to the general understanding of what it means to truly live healthfully on all levels i.e. physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.