My Daily Protocol in January 2007

My 2007 therapy, designed by Dr. Young, was intended to re-balance my blood chemistry and eliminate the toxicity in my system. I was also following a sleep therapy program I had found online – hence the sunrise and sunset items. I followed this protocol quite strictly for the first 4 or 5 months of that year and my strength improved more than it had done for the entire year of 2006.

  1. Wear a Q-Link pendant
  2. Measure my pH
  3. Drink 32oz of alkaline water with 5 drops Activator (increases the pH of the water)
  4. Stand in the rising sun for a few minutes.
  5. Take 5 drops Silver Defense, a colloidal silver preparation
  6. Prepare a combination of glutathione and n-acetyl cysteine in the nebulizer and breathe in for about 40 minutes
  7. “Salt flush”: Drink 2 tsp mineral salt solution in 4oz water; Wait 15 minutes
  8. Drink 4oz aloe vera juice
  9. “Quad shot”: Drink 1 tsp bicarbonate salts in 4oz water
  10. “Terra cleanse”: Drink 1 tsp clay in 4oz water
  11. Drink 3 tsps green powder, 1 tsp soy sprout powder in 32 oz alkaline water with 1 tsp liquid chlorophyll and 10 drops Activator; Take supplements
  12. Exercise on the rebounder for 5 minutes
  13. Have brunch based on lots of avocado, fresh vegetables, good salt (e.g. RealSaltHimalayan pink crystal salt ) and cold pressed oils (e.g. hemp oilflaxseed oil,Udo’s Oil Blend ); Take supplements
  14. Drink 32oz alkaline greens preparation
  15. Get lymphatic drainage massage (twice a week) or far infra-red sauna session (twice a week). On days between sauna sessions I sometimes took a hot bath using Detox Therapy mineral salts or Epsom salts.
  16. Take Silver Defense
  17. Drink 32oz alkaline greens preparation
  18. Have dinner: same guidelines as brunch; Take supplements
  19. Walk around the block at sunset
  20. Measure pH at bedtime; Take Silver Defense

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