Chelation Therapy & Chronic Fatigue


Looking back on it now, I don’t know why I was so upset. It was merely another step in my recovery journey. I guess at the time it felt like my life was over…

When “Dr. Jordan” suggested testing me for heavy metals, I assumed the results would be negative. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do the test. We could cross that off the list of possibilities and move on to the next thing. By now, I knew I had Chronic Fatigue and I knew that while the pH Miracle treatment protocol had helped me tremendously, there was still a missing piece in my recovery puzzle. But finding out that the mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead levels in my body were off the charts had not been part of my plan.  Continue reading

What is Grace?

The winds of grace are blowing perpetually; we have just to raise our sails. –Ramakrishna

I heard somewhere that if you do the work of getting 51% of the way to your goal, grace will carry you the rest of the way. Aren’t I there yet? Grace, where are you? By the way, what is grace?

After my life narrowed to trying to get out of bed, I went through a few medical doctors, then a few naturopathic doctors. Then I went for something radical and tried Dr. Young’s pH miracle protocol. I improved and thought that was the final answer. Sadly, no. Not exactly.  Continue reading

Medical, Social Misunderstanding of Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

Or, Diagnosis: Epilogue

I listened in horror to my voicemail.  Somehow, it had recorded a conversation between my father and a friend of his. The incisions on my tummy had only just become painless in September 2005. But no longer. Apparently, my body couldn’t take listening to less than flattering words from my own parent.

Later his friend tried to justify my dad’s behavior. “Devin” had expressed anger because my father was nowhere to be found while his daughter prepared for, then underwent, major surgery. Father was only reacting to that anger. “At any point in all this, did he ask how I am?” I inquired. Silence. Continue reading

Cancer? No, I Just Need a Chronic Fatigue Doctor

Or, Diagnosis Part IV

Cancer Scare Number Four

“Casey’s” body language was not matching her words. He was my new, naturopathic doctor and she was saying things like he “just wanted to be sure” and that he wanted me to see someone who knew more about this. But it was Friday and she’d already made a Monday appointment for me to see another doctor. Plus, she was moving around the room with an urgency that made me suspicious.

“Just tell me,” I insisted. “I won’t hold you to it.” Clearly something was on his mind. Clearly she had an opinion on what this latest test result meant.

“It could mean liver or bone cancer.”

I looked at him uncomprehendingly. Then my mind did a quick calculation. Liver or bone? Aren’t those the worst places to get cancer? How did I get here? Again? Continue reading

Should I Do Chelation for Heavy Metal Toxicity?

I “met” Dr. Teitelbaum online when he featured my questions in the August 2008 publication of his newsletter. It was stunning to see my name as I was reading his latest tips! The webpage on which I had submitted my message did say that some may be published but I was so sure this would not include mine that I hadn’t bothered to avoid my real name.

I’m a little less guarded now, as the existence of this blog proves! Plus, I’m on a mission. So here’s the aforementioned message together with Dr. T’s reply: Continue reading