Bring Your Own Dragon (Please Forward)

Let me give what I have learned from my extreme journey to help slay your dragon. #youhero

— Bola Odulate

A few months ago, I wrote a proposal for patronizing my recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had borrowed the idea from the art world. If an art patron can patronize an artist because they believe in the good his art sends out into the world, then a recovery patron can patronize my recovery because they believe in the good I’m going to accomplish by helping other CFS patients. I included details of my plans for using my experience to help others.

I feel strongly about helping other CFS patients because I have been quite shocked at how difficult it is to get properly diagnosed with CFS (took me two years, many take longer). It is even more difficult to recover – in fact many consider this impossible. When I realized that I had figured out how to recover from my unusually severe, paralyzing case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (a.k.a. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or ME), I knew I had something useful and unique to offer other patients.  Continue reading

What is Realitynibs’ Niche?

No Junk Please!

I began to panic as I looked at the Google Alerts webpage. I wanted to choose an alert that will help me stay on top of Realitynibs’ niche but I immediately felt overwhelmed by the possibility of being deluged with automatic email messages! What to do?

I needed a balance between quantity and quality. I could set alerts for the many names of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. But as I thought back to the elevator pitch I wrote recently, I realized that my focus within the niche of CFS is demonstrating full recovery. So, I am most interested in the very latest understanding and any news or blogs concerned with that would likely mention the latest name proposed by the Institute of Medicine.  Continue reading

Joined a Tracking Forum!

Hearts are Paving My Way

When Carlos Taylor decided to captain a crowdfund for my recovery, I gave him a big silver heart. He put it on a chain and wore it to work the next day. When a coworker asked him about it, he explained about his friend who is recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She replied by telling him about Joey Tuan who had (almost?) recovered from the same condition and then started a forum called HealClick. I’ve been meaning to join ever since Carlos told me that story…

You may know that I’ve challenged myself to 30 posts by July 4. It’s my way of fighting for my freedom from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and inviting you to join me by letting go of something in your life too! I’m using a template for this challenge called 31DBBB which stands for 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. As it turns out, day 9 asks me to join a forum. Aha!  Continue reading

Favorite Social Network???


Would you tell me which social network is your preference for finding new Realitynibs posts? I would really appreciate your help!



Key Resources for CFS Recovery

Solving my recovery puzzle has been a slog!

Yesterday I began reading “Beyond Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Redefining an Illness“. This was a report released in February 2015 by the Institute of Medicine which had been commissioned by the United States Government to examine the evidence base for ME/CFS. Merely getting through the report brief reduced me to hot tears and I’ve spent the past 24 hours wondering why.

One of many reasons might be that they were describing things I’ve had to figure out on my own in the midst of both medical misunderstanding and social isolation. So I began to wonder, how would I have told myself to pursue recovery given what I know today? Since my case has been unusually severe, I suspect that at least some of the advice that I’m about to give to my past self would be useful for many ME/CFS patients today.  Continue reading

Are You Reading from Mobile or Desktop?

I’ll never forget the day I added mobile compatibility to You can install software packages called plugins into WordPress blogs (Realitynibs is a WordPress blog). I decided that one particular plugin was best for touch smartphones and another plugin for simpler mobiles. I even found an online phone simulator to test my interface for simpler mobiles!

I got into a zone and sat at my desk until it was all done a few hours later. Then I realized I was in trouble. I got up carefully, lay down on the floor and writhed in pain for quite a while…  Continue reading

Cultivating You! Ha, ha.

No Toppling

Fifteen minutes into an afternoon rally in front of the Federal Building, Susan Kreutzer looked ready to drop. She sat down on a low wall for a while, letting her husband and half a dozen other protesters carry on while she recovered what precious little energy she could. –Erin Allday, “Chronic Fatigue Patients Protest Lack of Funding“, San Francisco Chronicle


I started when I realized I was essentially conducting research on myself. I felt compelled to tell the stories of what I was learning about my disease, to help others who might get on the same path behind me. But, just like the patients who attended a rally demanding increased funding for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it’s hard on me. I’m proud of getting from zero to the first page of a Google search (“chronic fatigue syndrome recovery blog“) but I had to focus only on the quality of my work to get me there rather than simultaneously cultivating readers.  Continue reading

Blog Neighbors!


I first became a fan of Karen Cripps’ when our respective blogs were listed on Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum’s Helpful Links page. There was a total of three blogs on the page so it was easy to notice my neighbors!

Anyway, you may know that I’ve challenged myself to 30 posts in six weeks with the intent of achieving this in a healthy sustainable way. I’m using a template created by Darren Rowse for these posts and today’s task requires that I analyze a successful blog in my niche. I have chosen Karen’s, which I assessed as successful because she regularly gets many comments. I know about my readers mostly from measuring the number of hits as well as from private messages.  Continue reading

“Be the Voice”

Aaron Parnell

I received a message from Bola on Monday night where she was suddenly feeling a lot of doubt about initiating the Freedom Challenge because it included the possibility of helping her. This post is my response:

Ultimately you have to keep in mind that for the donor, helping you is helping the world become a better place. You were put on the earth for a God given purpose. Your purpose is much bigger than you are alone. Remind people that the reason you were born was to help them support that purpose.

In effect, you become the steward of their bigger purpose to serve. Demonstrate in your request that you are the best servant for this higher purpose.  Continue reading