Breaking News: XMRV and ME

I first made a comment about the XMRV virus and it’s connection to CFS/FMS when it hit the news in October 2009. Then in January 2010, I ended up in the hospital (too tired, sharp knife, lots of blood, firemen, ambulance) and between stitches the doctor told me that the XMRV-CFS link had been debunked.

Not so fast. A few friends have written asking me about the latest news on XMRV so I thought I’d add a post on the subject. Major news outlets such as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times reported two days ago that researchers from the FDA and NIH have confirmed the class of viruses in which XMRV belongs, in 86.5% of a sample of CFS/FMS patients. The key here is that the MLV-related viruses, as they’re called, were found in only 6.8% of healthy people. Continue reading