Chelation Therapy & Chronic Fatigue


Looking back on it now, I don’t know why I was so upset. It was merely another step in my recovery journey. I guess at the time it felt like my life was over…

When “Dr. Jordan” suggested testing me for heavy metals, I assumed the results would be negative. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do the test. We could cross that off the list of possibilities and move on to the next thing. By now, I knew I had Chronic Fatigue and I knew that while the pH Miracle treatment protocol had helped me tremendously, there was still a missing piece in my recovery puzzle. But finding out that the mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead levels in my body were off the charts had not been part of my plan.  Continue reading

One Liter, Three Scoops, Ten Drops

The secret to a diet that allows me the most energy seems to be eating mostly vegetables, especially the green ones. Add a number of energy supplements, the most important of which is d-ribose, and presto: I am nutritionally supported for CFS/FMS recovery!

It’s such a simple idea but the execution of my diet gets complicated when you consider the fact that I’m talking seventy percent vegetables on my plate. Those are vegetables that need to be bought, washed, stored and prepared. This requires coordinating and surviving MISSION GROCERY STORE; standing long enough in the kitchen to wash, chop, blend, steam or cook them in broth; cleaning up after eating.  Continue reading